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  • Trevor Corbeau

    Trevor Corbeau

    Uhm yeah, guy stuff here. Models for us when we have manly things to show that we can’t resist. Not much of a shopper but definitely a good sport. Oh yeah did we mention sexy and funny? Sexy and funny!

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  • Belladonna Eberhardt

    Belladonna Eberhardt

    Bella’s look is playful and often overtly sexy. Not afraid to show a little nip if the look calls for it. Tends to look for clothes that flaunt her body and accentuate her outlandish personality. Might own every sheer top in Second Life™.

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  • Eve Greymoon

    Eve Greymoon

    Leans toward clean lines and classic looks, with lots of color thrown in for good measure. Shoe whore. Can’t resist a good bangle or chunky ring. Shopaholic extraordinaire, frequently uses this blog as an excuse to buy just one more thing.

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  • Review Policy

    Review Policy

    All photos displayed on this site are high-resolution snapshots taken within Second Life™ and may utilize WindLight™ settings or other lighting techniques within the virtual world. The images are not edited in any way outside of Second Life™, other than cropping and resizing. Generally, we don’t accept items for review. We choose what we like […]

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  • About


    Eve conceived of this site when she was faced with all the poor misguided females (men in disguise maybe?? hmmm) that appear at music, social, and shopping venues so badly dressed she can hardly stand to look at them without grabbing them and screaming “please, I beg you, let me help you to appear like […]

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  • Legal Stuff of Import

    Legal Stuff of Import

    Copyright © 2010 Not Quite Naked in SL. All rights reserved.  If you quote bits from this site please remember to link back here and give both the author and Not Quite Naked clear credit for the work. Saves us the effort of having to hunt you down. Use of this site implies that you […]

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