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  • LOTD 02.21.2015

    LOTD 02.21.2015

      Had to show you these earrings.  <3   The Stuff: Body:  Maitreya Lara Feet and Hands:  Slink Skin:  Lara Hurley Fae Midtones Eyeshadow:  Kibitz Shina @ Cosmetics Fair Lipstick:  KoKoLoReSJPB  Kiss Me Softly @ Cosmetics Fair Hair:  ploom Stephie Dress: Blink2Wink Slip Up Dress @ AnyBody Shoes:  Spirit Store Angry shoes Earrings:  a m […]

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  • LOTD 02.18.2015

    LOTD 02.18.2015

    I got the Maitreya mesh body and I’m really loving it a lot!  Of course hubby suggested that the bewbs were too small.  Predictable LOL.       New skin too. The Stuff: Maitreya Lara Mesh body Skin:  Lara Hurley Fae Midtones Hair: Truth Neria Bra:  Lolita Madonne Bra Original at AnyBody Pants:  Lolita Hippie […]

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  • LOTD 02.06.2015

    LOTD 02.06.2015

    Meh not really happy with these.  Love the outfit, the pictures just don’t do it justice.     I like this one though     Everything’s a learning experience, right? The stuff: Skin:  Belleza Shyla Tan Makeup: [mock] Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champagne lips/lash/eye Hair:  ploom Stephie Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* New York Deep V Shirt White […]

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  • LOTD 2.3.2015

    LOTD 2.3.2015

    Sparkly!   I’m trying some portrait shots too.  Plus I tweaked my face, wanted to show it off a little…thanks Alaric <3  for your help.   Need to figure out better lighting for these close ups…. The stuff: Skin:  Belleza Shyla Eyeshadow and lipgloss:  Fishy Strawberry Kokeshi Hair:  LeLutka SAGE Top:  ryvolter Wen Satin Halterneck […]

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  • LOTD 01.17.2015

    LOTD 01.17.2015

    Just relaxing at home. The Stuff: Jacket:  Gizza Moto Leather Jacket Camel Jeans:  Emery ripped skinny jeans Boots:  YS&YS Cortina Boots Leather Natural Necklace:  Earthstones Gypsy Necklace Multi/Gold Belt: Amorous Luna

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  • LOTD 01.13.2015

    LOTD 01.13.2015

    I’ve been playing with depth of field…without much success I might add! Here’s my latest attempts. I figured with a skirt this sexy, it’ really doesn’t matter if I got the fuzziness in the background right anyway! The stuff: Skin: Belleza Shyla Tan Hair: [Shag] – Bombshell – caramel (I don’t think this hair is […]

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  • LOTD 01.04.2015

    LOTD 01.04.2015

    You know how you start out with one idea for an outfit, and it morphs into something entirely different.  Yup.  That’s what happened here!  It’s Uber’s fault. Because, you know. shoes.  Shoes with lobsters! The Stuff: Skin:  Belleza Shyla Tan Hands and Feet:  Slink Avatar Enhancements Hair:  ploom Stephie Blondes Shirt: SUGAR Liquid Top Silver […]

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  • LOTD 12.31.2014

    LOTD 12.31.2014

    Happy New Year’s Eve! That is all.   The Stuff: Skin:  Belleza Shyla Tan Hands:  Slink Casual Nail Appliers:  Hello Dave french flick Hair:  Truth Tashia Dress:  Tee*fy Flutter Dress  Pink Sweater: 1 Hundred Lazy Sunday Sweater Boots: (r)M ePunk Boots No. 7 Stockings:  SHOP Toshy Tights Color Diamonds Black Necklaces: [ glow ] studio […]

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  • LOTD 12.29.2014

    LOTD 12.29.2014

    So yesterday I did the Christmas Hunt at Inspiration Point.  It’s sponsored by Boogers, Kirin, Tee*fy, The Secret Store, Flowey, MishMish, Pizza, Jim, Intrigue Co., and Pilot.  You get a hud with a map on it that helps you track what you’ve found and what you haven’t, which is a great idea. The map is […]

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  • LOTD 12.28.2014

    LOTD 12.28.2014

    Yes, I’ve gotten lazy with naming. Sue me. I was messing around with the phototools in Firestorm.  I really need to spend some time exploring everything this can do. There’s so much, it’ll take me while. Plus, I don’t have the eye for it, I struggle. But I’ll get better, and you’ll have to watch […]

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