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  • Trevor Corbeau

    Trevor Corbeau

    Uhm yeah, guy stuff here. Models for us when we have manly things to show that we can’t resist. Not much of a shopper but definitely a good sport. Oh yeah did we mention sexy and funny? Sexy and funny!

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  • Belladonna Eberhardt

    Belladonna Eberhardt

    Bella’s look is playful and often overtly sexy. Not afraid to show a little nip if the look calls for it. Tends to look for clothes that flaunt her body and accentuate her outlandish personality. Might own every sheer top in Second Life™.

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  • Eve Greymoon

    Eve Greymoon

    Leans toward clean lines and classic looks, with lots of color thrown in for good measure. Shoe whore. Can’t resist a good bangle or chunky ring. Shopaholic extraordinaire, frequently uses this blog as an excuse to buy just one more thing.

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  • Review Policy

    Review Policy

    All photos displayed on this site are high-resolution snapshots taken within Second Life™ and may utilize WindLight™ settings or other lighting techniques within the virtual world. The images are not edited in any way outside of Second Life™, other than cropping and resizing. Generally, we don’t accept items for review. We choose what we like […]

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